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hello. I'm new. I thought I'd introduce myself...

I'm crystal, I'm 22, and I'm on my last 48 hours of being homeless! (yay- I'm gettin an apartment!) I'm from Cambridge-area-ish, MA. I'm a student at Harvard Extension School, Feminist, activist, yada yada yada. yeah. okay. and I like to make a difference... (thats why I'm here... duh!)

I currently volunteer at Ronald McDonald House, Children's Hospital, and other random places... I do things to help the other homeless people I'm around, I started a non-profit org. when I was 19 (technically when I was 17 but didn't register it immediately), I sponsored a kid for the Make-A-Wish foundation when I was 17... I volunteered at an after school program for a while, um, I went to mexico on a mission team in 2000, and stuff like that...

I'm currently very tired and I'm rambly so I'll come back and say more when I'm better rested...
I guess thats your summary of me. :)
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