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A Petition

Tomorrow begins the first day of Pat LaMarche's (Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate) 14 day Left Out Tour where she will travel to 14 states stating shelter to shelter, volunteering for the homeless, holding vigils etc to demand governmental action to end homelessness in America. The following petition has been proposed. Please take the time to read through it, and if you agree with it, then sign it. And please pass this on to your friends.

Pat LaMarche- The Left Out Tour : A Demand for Governmental Action to End Homelessness in America
To: To the 108th Congress of the House of Representatives:
We the undersigned demand, in accordance with the Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations on December 10th 1948 with special prejudice to Articles #23 & #25 and in accordance with H.R. 2897 as presented to your body on July 25th 2003 with special prejudice to Title I : Sections 101 & 102 and Title II : Section 201 and with special consideration of the current available statistics on the high percentage of women, children and families that are currently homeless and the impending winter months, that those in your body that have not sponsored H.R.2897 immediately do so.

Further we the undersigned demand, until such sponsorship is provided, each member of your body pledge to spend one overnight stay in a shelter each month until such time as H.R.2897 is adopted or that some other governmental provision is made to provide permanent housing for those that are homeless or unable to find housing at a rate that is 30% or less of their income.

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