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Gay marriage!

I have GSA meetings every Wednesday at my school, Bronx Science. Seeing as I'm the president of the gay straight alliance, I'm usually the one who has to come up with stuff to discuss/do. In the past, this club has been used mostly for discussion and debate, but I've been transforming it more into an action club, raising money, writing, doing stuff to raise awareness in and out of school, etc. I was brainstorming what to do this coming week, and thought it would be awesome if we wrote letters of support/encouragement to the officials in Massachusetts in light of their decision in November to possibly deal with a civil union/marriage for the LGBT community. I really need help finding the addresses of these officials...I have yet to do a websearch, and I will...but I was wondering if any of you knew an easier way to get these addresses, or maybe already know them or can access them for me? Also, do you guys think this is a good idea? I know a few letters won't make a difference, but I want to keep people in my club aware of what's going on, and how the world is rapidly changing and becoming more accepting of the gay community. I want them to realize it's up to US to keep that change happening, keep pushing our states and our country and our world to make these changes.

So whaddya think?
thanks for your help in advance!
love, and !peace!


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