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Welcome to True Activists
This community was created by levora. After not finding many activists sites on Live Journal, i thought it would be a great addition to the diverse community.
After reading being_homeless i have come to realize the needs that so many individuals have, and all that they lack. Something so much more satisfying than going to the mall on a saturday night, traveling to a party, spending the night at a friends house, activism, and community service allows one to become a stronger individual by sacrificing there time, and effort, into something that effects people on so many diffrent levels.
By joining this community of activists, you can share your encounters with activisim, voulenteer work, and community service, with others who are striving for the same goals of making an impact in their community.
Posting such as new shelters, homeless aid, food service, student mentoring, and elderly services, we can discuss the impacts, and importance these services provide to those in need.
Join up with individuals in your communities, from all over the state, to participate in Food Not Bombs fnb, Reproductive Rights March on Washington, Toys for Tots, Make a Wish foundation, Youth On Fire, and many other orginizations that assits those in need.
With Each member that joins i will add their state to a data base, so members can keep track of those who are closest to them.

the layout was created by hazyeyesx

User DataBase

kandykisses221 [canterbury}
xenotropic [winter park]
swerve [boston]
levora [marlborough]
hedy [northhampton]
flan53 [sturbridge]
hazyeyesx [columbus]
ansley_anjali [chattooga]
filthylinen [dallas/fort worth]
dizzydance76 [fort worth]
more to come.......